1-26-15 | 678 CDO | Job Hiring

1-26-15 | Road Transpo Specialist Incorporated | Accounting Staff

1-26-15 | Land Resources Corporation Tuscania | CDO

1-26-15 | LCG GROUP OF COMPANIES | Accounting Staff CDO

1-26-15 | Bigby’s Quality food Corporation | Job Hiring

Urgent 1-24-15 | Goldilocks | HR Assistant

1-24-15 | Leyte Communications Training Center,Inc | Customer Service Reps

1-24-15 | JMV Quality Foods | Bakery Staff | CDO Branch

1-24-15 | LCG Group of Companies | Senior Territory Representative

1-24-15 | LCG Group of Companies | Sales Supervisor

1-24-15 | PRM Data Quest Corporation | Customer Service Representative

1-24-15 | Cepalco | Assistant In-House Counsel


1-24-15 | CENTRO SUPERSALES INC. | Job Hiring

1-24-15 | Mirof | Hiring

1-24-15 | VEPCO Group Distribution Corporation | Job Hiring

Urgent 1-24-15 | Hyundai Cagayan de Oro City | Job Hiring

1-18-15 | Johndorf Ventures Corporation | Job Hiring

1-18-15 | Camella Communities | REAL ESTATE SALES PERSON

1-18-15 | GAMA Foods Corporation | Job Hiring

1-18-15 | Misamis Oriental Rendering Plant

1-18-15 | NutriBio Ventures | Job Hiring

1-18-15 | KST Home System | Sales Representative

Urgent 1-18-15 | YSU MARKETING CORPORATION | Promo/Merchandiser

1-18-15 | Starboard Manpower Services, Inc | Area Sales Coordinator | PAGADIAN-OZAMIS-DIPOLOG

1-11-15 | OTSS Security Solutions | Electronics Security and System Technician

1-11-15 | eBsuiness BPO, Inc. | Job Hiring

Urgent 1-9-15 | Chada Bingo House | Hiring

Urgent 1-9-15 | Mallberry Suites Business Hotel | Hiring

Urgent 1-9-15 | Maharlika Agro- Marine Ventures Corporation | Job Hiring

1-9-15 | Tri-Star Paints & Construction Supply, Inc.| Sales Associate-Fushu Shoes

1-8-15 | ANR Unlimited | Job Hiring

1-8-15 | Priometal Mindana Corporation | Job Vacancies

1-8-15 | N-Hotel | Job Hiring

Urgent 1-8-15 | De Oro Pacific Home Plus | Bulua Branch

Urgent 1-8-15 | Innovuze Solutions, Inc. | Job Hiring

Urgent 1-7-15 | mallberry suites business hotel | Cagayan de Oro

1-7-15 | LCG Group of Companies | MARKETING MANAGER | CAGAYAN DE ORO

1-7-15 | eBusiness BPO, Inc. | Job Vacancies


1-7-15 | Primepower Manpower Services |High Ridge CDO

1-7-15 | Home Base Tutorial

1-7-15 | Chevrolet Cagayan de Oro | Job Vacancies

1-7-15 | JAYBUILDERS INDUSTRIES INC. | Job Vacancies

1-7-15 | Chada Bingo House | Job Hiring

1-7-15 | Pepsi Cola Products Phils., Inc. | Hiring

1-7-15 | Rebisco | QUALITY CONTROL STAFF

1-7-15 | Tagoloan Rock Builders Inc. | Administrative Officer

12-26-14 | Bigby’s Quality Food Coporation | Job Hiring

12-26-14 | Platyppines Media Solutions | Job Hiring

12-26-14 | ALROSE FARMS INC. | Driver

12-26-14 | FFJJ CONSTRUCTION | Job Hiring

Urgent 12-26-14 | Toyota Cagayan de Oro Inc. | Job Hiring

12-23-14 | SLERS INDUSTRIES, INC. | Job Hiring

12-23-14 | Red Wagon Design Collective | Hiring

12-23-14 | Mindanao International Container Terminal Services Incorporation | Hiring

Urgent 12-23-14 | AMA Computer College | HR Specialist

12-23-14 | Northpoint Manpower Services | Kitchen/Dining Crew


Five Qualities of a Good Job Applicant

job applicants

Things can get pretty tough when you’re looking for a job. That’s especially true when you’re in a point in time where unemployment rates are high and there aren’t enough jobs to match your skill set and preferences. Despite apparent difficulties though, you can still manage to put yourself at an advantage over other applicants…

Misorjobs Returns with Lessons for Job Hunters

Silver Lining

After nearly three years of providing good, free service to thousands of job seekers in Misamis Oriental, Misorjobs nearly saw its end when it fell prey to a vicious hacking attack that took away thousands of pages, posts and files. Some said the situation was hopeless, that I should just quit. I almost did but…


Call Center Job Caravan August 2014


We would like to invite all job hunters to join our Job Career Caravan Schedule below: 1. Convergys August 21-22, 2014 8:00am-6:00pm PCCI Office: Unit 403 TTK Tower Imperial Appliance Plaza Velez-Montalvan Sts. Cagayan de Oro City 2. Stream Global Services August 26-27, 2014 9:00am-5:00pm Sunflower Café: Cudal Sts. Malaybalay Bukidnon 3. Stream Global Services…

Concentrix September Job Caravan


Concentrix is a recognized leader in providing platforms, people and services to support high-value interactions at every stage of the customer life cycle. Acquire. Support. Renew. Form initial customer acquisition through renewal – our suite of complimentary services and technology provides you with the support you need to satisfy even the most complex customer requirements….

Teletech Career Fair on June 26


Date: June 26-27, 2014 Time: 9am-5pm Venue: VIP Hotel Velez Sts, Cagayan de Oro City Qualifications: •Completed at least two (2) years of college education. •Currently not enrolled and willing to work full time •Must have good communication skills, both oral and written •Internet savvy and knowledgeable of MS Office applications •Must have basic computer,…

Cagayan de Oro Hapsay Job Fair May 2014


The city of Cagayan de Oro will have another Hapsay Job Fair on May 29, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Applicants can proceed to the 2nd and 3rd floors of the City Hall bridge.


Job Match Made In Heaven – Don’t Expect One

job match

I know a good number of people who enroll in college courses they absolutely love and expect to later gain a perfect job match. While this isn’t entirely impossible, it’s not always possible either. You might be setting yourself up for disappointment if you absolutely demand that circumstance serve you your preferred kind of employment….

Tips to Handle Tension During Interviews

Yes, you can handle the tension.

These tips were requested by Jen, one of our readers. What you do the night before and hours before your scheduled job interview can help ease your tension during the interview itself. Simply put, you have to prepare for your big day. Here are a few things that you can do to help you reduce…

What to Wear When You Get the Call

In many interview scenarios, jeans and rugged pants are a no-no.

No day can be happier for applicants than when they get a call for an exam or an interview. Many applicants do not know though that the first impressions that they give recruiters help determine if they pass the first few levels of screening. Many interviewers and potential employers assign points for appearance, neatness and…

What Are Some Tips to Pass the Cisco Certification Exam?


The Cisco Certification Exam is by no means an easy assignment, and it will involve heavy concentration. When you take a Cisco exam, you are seeking certification for a particular IT skill. For example, a 200-001 certificate exam would involve learning how to implement video network devices on computers. There is no cheat sheet out…


Q: How do you answer the question, “Tell me something about yourself?”


This is a question from one of readers, Carlos. Here is an extended version of his question: Q: I am asking you if you could point out some good and straight tips in answering interview questions like, “Tell me something about yourself?” Don’t you think it’s a very vague question and most HRs ask the…

Q: How Do You Find Your Career

Even if you had a crystal ball, finding your career won't be straightforward.

A: One of our readers recently posted a comment on the chat box. She was wondering how to find her career. I’ll try my best to shed some light on this. There are a couple of things you might want to check out when you’re on the verge of establishing your career. Among these are…

Q: Is it okay to reschedule a job interview set a week ago?


A: This is a question from Cathy. Being asked to be interviewed is a special opportunity that not everyone can have.You should therefore give such invitations top priority. Asking for a reschedule is something you should try to absolutely avoid. Most employers and their recruitment personnel are very busy people and sometimes they follow a…

Q: Is it ok to work for 3 months and then leave?


A: This is a question from one of our readers, RR. If you’re asking if its okay to resign, the simple answer is that no one can stop you if you want to go. Although employers can appeal to you to stay, any probationary or regular employee has the right to resign from a job…


Not Meant for Me


Ring, Ring… “Hello? Is this the Museo ng Maynila?” I asked nervously. “‘Tis. How may I help you?” the lady asked. “This is Webster and I’m just inquiring if the position of a museum researcher is still available?” “‘Tis!” “I wanted to apply, ma’am,” I said shyly. “Sure you can come here anytime from Mondays…

Applicant for Hire


I am a professional applicant. Meron bang ganon? I’ve applied for so many jobs that I’ve stopped having nosebleeds every time I take pre-employment tests. I’ve been to so many interviews that I’ve stopped stalling like a Miss Universe candidate with a fake smile looking for the answer that will give me the crown and…

Cebuano in the Metro

“I hate Manila and I will never go there to work!” That used to be my constant mantra. Like every other die hard island probinsyano, I had dreams of living and dying in my beloved island with declarations of regionalist loyalty escaping through my last breath. Perhaps I had made that hasty vow because I…