Job Fair on May 1


The annual May job fair was just announced on TV this afternoon. The event is scheduled to take place on May 1, 2011 at SM Cagayan de Oro. I am still waiting for more event updates.

UPDATE: Here’s more information about the job fair posted by Farah in the chat box:


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9 Responses to Job Fair on May 1
  1. Ardann Louie Roa
    April 16, 2011 | 1:19 pm

    I woud like to be updated to this job fair

  2. Manny James
    April 20, 2011 | 12:04 pm

    I hope creator’s of this site get enough recognition for a job very well done. Congratulations Guys!

    You don’t know how much you have helped. Kudos!

  3. Sherinne
    April 21, 2011 | 7:00 am

    What are the companies who are going to join the job fair? I would like to be updated of this fair too. Thanks

  4. Ninah
    April 23, 2011 | 1:45 am

    When they announced it over local television, they did not mention the participating companies yet. Also, at that time, they seem to have been still inviting more companies to join.

  5. Mitch
    April 23, 2011 | 1:35 pm

    I hope they’ll be posting the participating companies ahead of time. i’d like to be updated also.. thanks 🙂

  6. Bernardino C. Muñez
    April 24, 2011 | 11:16 am

    Sana marami ngangangailangan,,i need to find a new job as soon as possible.. salamat dito

  7. Cristy
    April 27, 2011 | 12:03 pm

    I really interested on this job fair i hope i can come on this event. Thanks for the information.

  8. maurice
    April 30, 2011 | 8:26 am

    im really interested to know the updates for tomorrows job fair

  9. zhaira
    April 30, 2011 | 1:48 pm

    i would love to attend and join this job fair, even though I’m from region IX, I am pretty much willing to take the risk of living at CDO if ever I could have a job.. 😀

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