UPDATE: This page is OUTDATED and no longer relevant. MisOrJobs has recently changed management. About Us content to be updated by new owners soon.

Welcome to MisOr Jobs, the free online magazine for all jobseekers in the province of Misamis Oriental and Mindanao.

This site was originally envisioned as a website for jobseekers. Within a few months of its birth however, several other local sites have popped up offering excellent job search services with all the bells and whistles. Obviously, my limited technical skills would make me unable to provide better features and services. Since my skills are more in line with blogging, I thought that I will be of better use to the hundreds of jobseekers out there by converting MisOrJobs into a unique web magazine.

Like other sites, this one will contain job posts gathered from public posts, online posts, company websites and solicited submissions. The site also offers other extra information and resources for jobseekers and the newly hired for free.

You can check the sidebar for Tips for Jobseekers for help on finding your dream job. These tips have been written based on real experiences in the field of recruitment and screening. You might also want to go over the category on Profiles where you can find articles and reviews on job sites and companies. If you are a newly hired employee, you might want to check the category Newly Hired Tips to learn more about your rights, benefits and responsibilities as an employee. If you have any job related experiences which you might want to share to the world, feel free to submit your story to misorjobs@gmail.com for posting on the category Real Stories.

This site is a free service. For the safe and proper use of this site please take the time to read our Terms of Use .

I wish you the best in your quest for honest work. May you finally find what you have always been yearning for. It may take you a long time to get to where you want to go but with a little perseverance, you will get there. Never give up job seeker.