07-22-14 | Restaurant Manager | The Site | Cagayan de Oro

URGENT 07-22-14 | Drivers, Engineer, HR Manager, Certified Public Accountant | Ferad Enterprises and Manpower Service | Cagayan de Oro

URGENT 07-22-14 | Driver Mechanic | Amley Food Corporation | Villanueva

URGENT 07-22-14 | Concentrix | Reports Specialist | Cagayan de Oro

07-22-14 | Collection Officer | JCA Realty Corporation | Iligan

07-22-14 | Sales Staff | Habagat CDO, Inc.

07-22-14 | HR Officer | Edisons Machine Works Corporation | Cagayan de Oro

07-22-14 | System Management Assistant, Training & Recruitment Assistant, Production In-Charge | Pronatural Feed Corporation | Cagayan de Oro

URGENT 07-22-14 | Collection Specialist, Sales Associate, Mechanic | Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation | Cagayan de Oro

URGENT 07-22-14 | Sales Advisor | Mirof | Cagayan de Oro

07-22-14 | Financial Advisors | Philam Life | Cagayan de Oro

07-22-14 | Purchasing Staff | Goldilocks | Cagayan de Oro

07-22-14 | Inventory Management Analyst, Admin Officer, Kitchen Manager, Cook, Cake Decorator, Pantry, Baker, Kitchen Helper, Server | Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation | Cagayan de Oro

07-22-14 | Auditor | Oro Grande Distributors Inc. | Cagayan de Oro

07-22-14 | Hotdog-On-Stick Personnel | Starboard Manpower Services, Inc. | Cagayan de Oro

07-22-14 | Inventory Clerk/Purchaser | Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation | Cagayan de Oro

07-21-14 | Sales Executive, Service Advisor | Premium Motoren Corporation

07-21-14 | Sales Officer, Payloader Operator, Dump Truck Drivers, Welder, Electrician | Tagoloan Rock Builders, Inc.

07-21-14 | Outbound Sales Representative | AGM Global

07-21-14 | Sales Associate | Southern Arms Corporation | Cagayan de Oro

URGENT 07-21-14 | Quality Inspector | Mindanao Container Corporation | Villanueva

07-21-14 | Assistant Sales Unit Leader | Spruce Designer Network Inc. | Valencia

07-21-14 | Cook, Bistro Crew | Beacon Clever Ideas | Cagayan de Oro

07-21-14 | Web Developer | LogicBase Interactive | Cagayan de Oro

07-21-14 | Operation Analyst | Pepsi Cola Products Phils., Inc. | Cagayan de Oro

07-21-14 | Auto Mechanic, HR Clerk, Checkers, Route Salesman | ARC Refreshments Corporation | Tagoloan

07-21-14 | Quality Assurance Officer | Goldilocks | Cagayan de Oro

07-21-14 | Cost Accountant | SLERS | Bukidnon

07-21-14 | Service Crew, Promodiser, Sales Associate, Sales Agent | SLERS Industries, Inc.

07-21-14 | Professional Salesperson | Camella Communities | Cagayan de Oro

URGENT 07-19-14 | Kitchen Staff | Thai Me Up Food Corporation | Cagayan de Oro

URGENT 07-19-14 | Sales Manager, Security Guards, Sales Associates, Branch Manager | Southern Arms Corporation | Cagayan de Oro

07-19-14 | Senior Territory Representative | LCG Group of Companies | Cagayan de Oro

07-19-14 | HR- Organizational Development Supervisor, HR Recruitment Associate | Concentrix | Cagayan de Oro

URGENT 07-19-14 | Sales Consultant | Subaru Cagayan

07-19-14 | Electrical Engineers | Unipace Corporation | Butuan

URGENT 07-19-14 | Customer Service Representatives | Aegis NorMin Recruitment Fair

07-18-14 | Telemarketer | LCG Group of Companies | Cagayan de Oro

07-18-14 | Delivery Man | Ink2Go Ink Refilling Staion | Cagayan de Oro

07-18-14 | CMS Electrical Maintenance Foreman | Mindanao International Container Terminal Services Incorporated | Cagayan de Oro

07-18-14 | Data Analyst | Concentrix | Cagayan de Oro

07-18-14 | Maintenance Personnel | Northpoint Manpower Services | Cagayan de Oro

07-18-14 | Engineer I, TAA I, Engineer II, Accountant III | National Commission on Indigenous Peoples – Region X | Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Occidental, Bukidnon

07-18-14 |Cashier, Certified Public Accountant, Civil Engineer, Marketing Head, Branch Managers | JCA Realty Corp | Cagayan de Oro

07-18-14 | HR Supervisor, Machine Operator, Millwright, Lube Technician, Equipment Monitoring Technician, Office Clerk, Shift Electrician | Cagayan Corn Products Corporation

07-18-14 | Warehouse / Delivery Man | Empyrean Computer Center

07-18-14 | Service Crew | Gobble and Gulp Enterprise

07-18-14 | Accounting Staff | Allegiance Cargo Advantage, Inc. | Cagayan de Oro

URGENT 07-17-14 | Account Officer | Philmen’s Credit Corporation | Cagayan de Oro

07-17-14 | Private Part-Time Tutor | Cagayan de Oro

07-17-14 | Accountants, Civil Engineers, Architect, Electrical Engineers | Unipace Corporation – Gaisano City Mall | Cagayan de Oro

07-17-14 | Company Nurse | Unipace Corporation – Gaisano City Mall | Butuan

07-17-14 | Accounting Officer, Propsman, Cinema Cashiers, Service Crew, Cinema Usher | SM Supermalls | Cagayan de Oro

07-17-14 | Sales Clerk | Paramount Human Resource Services Cooperative | Cagayan de Oro

07-17-14 | Geodetic Engineer | Grace Coal Mining and Development Inc. | Zamboanga

07-17-14 | Branch Managers for Realty, Certified Public Accountant | JCA Realty Corporation | Cagayan de Oro

07-17-14 | Draftsman | Global Skills Providers Multipurpose Cooperative | Cagayan de Oro

07-17-14 | Sales Manager | Platyppines Media Solutions | Cagayan de Oro


We Are Attempting To Rebuild – Please Bear With Us

Last week, the first and only free online job magazine for the province of Misamis Oriental, suffered a brutal hacking attack. As such, it is currently down. We have been informed by our webhost that all files have been lost. We shall attempt to rebuild the site from scratch. To continue to be of…

Can You Earn A Living Online? Here’s The Truth


I’ve been asked this question a lot of times in the last four years. To be more exact, I’ve been asked, “How do you earn a living online?” It seems as if people already know that earning online is possible, they just don’t know how it’s done. I’ve been successfully working online for four years…


Aegis February 2014 Job Fair BUKIDNON


Watch Out BUKIDNON!!! Aegis CEBU is going to MALAYBALAY CITY, BUKIDNON 18 y.o. and above At least High School Graduate Willing to work on shifts Strong English skills With or without Call Center Experience **************************************** We are inviting you to join the *Aegis (People Support) Career Caravan* on February 17-18-9, 2014 Monday & Tuesday, from…

Aegis Career Caravan February 2014


800++ spots available: one could be for YOU!!!!!!! Apply and be hired for CEBU: 18 y.o. and above At least High School Graduate Willing to work on shifts Strong English skills With or without Call Center Experience ——————————————————————————– We are inviting you to join the *Aegis (People Support) Career Caravan* on February 8-9, 2014 Saturday…

Upcoming City Hall 2014 Job Fair

Cagayan de Oro Tourism Hall

One of readers has sent us some information about an upcoming job fair in city hall. Many thanks for the email EA. From what we’ve been told, the job fair will be on January 30 (8-5pm) at the Cagayan de Oro City Hall. We have no other details on hand but if any of you…

Aegis Career Caravan in Cagayan de Oro – January 9


AEGIS CAREER CARAVAN IN CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY We are urgently hiring Customer Service Specialists for Cebu! January 9-10, 2014 (Thurs-Fri); 9AM – 5PM 2nd Floor McDonalds Divisoria Branch, CDOC Qualifications: At least 18 years old • At least High School graduate • Excellent English communication skills • Strong customer service and sales skills •…


Make Your Job Application Stand Out


First, let me show you how recruiters like me see your job applications. My team at ExeQserve and I receive hundreds of applications everyday, sometimes they even reach a thousand. In order to manage our work and our time, we need to implement methods for efficiently seeping through those bundles and bundles of job applications….

How Employers Pick the ONE Part 2: Interviews and Checks

police clearance

Last week, we gave you a brief look at what you should expect when you get called for an exam. This time, we’ll take a look at what you should look forward to when you’re scheduled for an interview and what happens after that. Interviews Job interviews don’t always happen after an exam. In some…

How Employers Pick the ONE Part 1: Paper Screening and Exams

Ready for that big test?

Do you ever wonder how employers pick the right persons for jobs? If you are new to the job hunting world, the days that you spend after you get the initial call from a prospective employer can be filled with anxiety. Often, anxiety can stem from wondering what will happen next. Find out how employers…

Questions You Might be Asked on an Interview

It is very important to understand that companies, employers and recruitment personnel are not all the same. There is also no set law for the kinds of valid questions that can be asked during an interview. You may therefore expect different sets of questions every time you are called for an interview in various companies….


Q: Why do some employers require graduates of 4-year courses for positions like secretary, cashier and other similar positions?


A: Here is another question from one of our readers. Employers usually require college graduates for these seemingly simple or routine jobs because they may feel that college graduates have an edge when it comes to certain desirable qualities such as intelligence, maturity, initiative, experience, etc. Since many companies cannot carefully supervise their employees, they…

Q: Why do lots of companies not hire single parents?

A: This is a question from one of our readers, Relena. First of all, technically speaking, it is against the law for employers to discriminate against applicants or employees based on civil status, gender, etc. Most of the time though, no one complains, minds or makes an effort to enforce the law. Moreover, there is…

Q: Does being married hinder my chances of work?

A: Thank you Jen for this question. If I am not mistaken, Art. 136 prohibits employers from making a woman’s civil status a condition of employment. Even if there was no law, the spirit of justice and fairness should give equal opportunity to all applicants regardless of race, color, religion, civil status and gender. In…

Q: What do you say when an interviewer asks you about your expected salary?

A: The idea for this question came from one of our readers, Neil. Interviewers may ask about your expected salary because they may want to know if you will be contented with what the company can offer. If you have considerable working experience, they may also want to know if they can afford you. Applicants…


Cebuano in the Metro

“I hate Manila and I will never go there to work!” That used to be my constant mantra. Like every other die hard island probinsyano, I had dreams of living and dying in my beloved island with declarations of regionalist loyalty escaping through my last breath. Perhaps I had made that hasty vow because I…